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Take advantage of the unique opportunity to live close to where you go to school or your place of work at Kassel Residences. It is undeniable that its great location makes it highly desirable as a form of investment, or for you and your family to live in. The facilities and amenities available at this master-planned condominium is what set it apart from the others in the area. Even though it is developed as an affordable condominium, it is packed with recreational amenities that will enhance the quality of living that you can enjoy.

First and foremost, the condominium understands that security is at a premium for condo buyers. The property management team has therefore developed a 24-hour security system wherein there are roving guards throughout the perimeter for day or night. Meanwhile, guards are stationed at the entrance to the building to ensure that no suspicious individuals can enter the premises. The moment you walk into the building and stay in your unit, you can feel safe and secure. Only when you feel secure will you truly be able to say that you have a place to call “home”.

As mentioned earlier, there are also certain finishes that are provided for in the units. From tiled floors to granite countertops and bathroom fixtures, all of these finishes are provided so that your unit is ready to use upon turnover. You no longer have to acquire additional expenses in order to provide these basic finishes to your space. As a bonus, a dedicated property management team is responsible for handling the care and maintenance of basic facilities in the buildings such as the elevator and waste disposal. This is how you can ensure that the condominium remains livable and comfortable.

The condominium has a country clubhouse that is open for all unit owners to enjoy. This clubhouse provides the perfect abode for relaxation on weekends so you can rejuvenate after a hectic week of work or school. Right next to the clubhouse is the swimming pool, which is the perfect spot to cool off on a hot day. Go for a leisurely swim and indulge in the pleasures of life so you can be reminded why Kassel Residences is one of the best places to live in Parañaque City.

Aside from leisure and relaxation, there are also recreational facilities available that you can enjoy. For the kids, you can take them to the children’s playground area. There are also plenty of pocket parks and gardens available so you can have a place to meditate or relax. If you want to do something more active, a multi-purpose court is also available on-site. You can use it to play your favorite sport such as basketball, volleyball, or tennis.

Lastly, the entire condominium cluster development comes with an entrance gate and perimeter fence. Hence, no unauthorized individual or vehicle can enter the premises without being cleared by the security team. This is yet one more reason to feel safe and secure in your hideaway within the city.

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Kassel Residences has certainly transformed the landscape of condominium development in Parañaque City. With CHMI Land on the helm, they have proven that quality condo living should not always be expensive. Why spend more when you can get quality at an affordable price tag? Whether you are a new property buyer or looking to add to your investment, Kassel Residences by CHMI Land is a noteworthy option.

The first thing to consider is the great location. As it is only a few minutes from the airport and many leisure destinations, you can expect that the demand for real estate in the city of Parañaque comes at a high premium. You can therefore save yourself the hassle of traveling to and from work by staying at the heart of Metro Manila. If you are buying for investment purposes, you can expect high re-sale or rent value for the property.

And speaking of value, the wide array of facilities and amenities available at Kassel Residences will bring in lots of value for your investment. Indeed, renters would want to choose your property not only for its affordable pricing but also for the opportunity to enjoy the amenities offered at the condominium.

Security, lots of amenities, and great location – all of these factors add up to offering great value for your money when you invest in a condominium unit at Kassel Residences. With CHMI Land committed to bringing affordable housing solutions to more Filipinos, it is slowly carvings its niche in the industry. You can expect more affordable residential developments from the company in the years to come.

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